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Azteco is Consumer Bitcoin

Azteco is Bitcoin for everybody. Go to your local store and buy a top up voucher just like the ones you're used to. Enter your Voucher number to redeem.

Topping up with a Bitcoin voucher is exactly the same as topping up a mobile phone; millions of people on earth do it every week. Now with Azteco, they can top up with Bitcoin, allowing them to participate in global ecommerce.

Azteco is fast

Topping up with Azteco takes only a few seconds both to issue and redeem a voucher.

Azteco is simple

No account is needed to redeem an Azteco Voucher. Everyone already knows how to use it!

Azteco is safe

Azteco doesn't have user accounts, just like Pay as You Go SIM Cards. It's "disposable Bitcoin" for small amounts.

Bitcoin changes everything.

Bitcoin is a secure and safe way to send money to anyone anywhere in the world instantly. It completely eliminates payer fraud. All you need is a wallet and you can immediately start sending and receiving payments from anywhere world-wide, without waiting, without forms to fill, without fees to receive, and no middle man.

Bitcoin is to money as email is to hand-written post cards on paper sent by post. Bitcoin completely simplifies and greatly speeds up how you send money to other people, and Azteco makes getting Bitcoin easy.

For Merchants: Generate a new revenue stream with Azteco.

When an Azteco Vendor tops up, their commission is credited to them in advance. Our vouchers work just like the top ups your customers know. Becoming an Azteco Vendor is quick and easy, and we're taking applications for new Vendors today.

You can start selling Azteco Vouchers without any new equipment. With our Pay As You Go programme, Vendors can fund their account at any time. Azteco Vendors don't interact with Bitcoin or worry about the exchange rate; they simply print vouchers from their top up balance. Once you've topped up, you can start selling straight away. It's that simple.

Increase your revenue with every voucher sold. Grow repeat business and strengthen customer loyalty. Generate add-on sales of other products. Open an Azteco Vendor account today, and start receiving the benefits of serving Azteco Bitcoin Vouchers to your customers!

Pay in Person

Now you can Pay in Person with cash or bank transfer using a convenient and secure real-time financial solution that makes it easy to pay for your Azteco voucher at Cash In Locations in Latin America, Ireland, many African countries and thousands of other locations. Just request a code and follow the instructions.

Buy Azteco Vouchers with cash in Brazil
Pay for Azteco Vouchers at over 52,000+ locations in Colombia
Pay for Azteco Vouchers at 45,000+ locations in Mexico