Azteco is the easy way for everyone, everywhere to get bitcoin every day


We want everyone to be able to get bitcoin, quickly and safely. We’ve designed Azteco bitcoin vouchers to be easy for first-time users and those in remote locations with limited internet access.


We want everyone to be able to get bitcoin everywhere, from remote villages to emerging cities. We’re working to make Azteco bitcoin vouchers available online, over the counter, and even just around the corner.

Every day

We want everyone to be able to use bitcoin every day, for their daily spending or personal savings. Azteco bitcoin vouchers are available in small amounts so that you can use them for every bit of life.

Bitcoin for everyone, everywhere, every day, every bit of life

My contribution to Azteco comes out of a deep respect for their mission. The unbanked population is immense. We have the technology and resources to close this gap, but until now, no one has taken that important next step. Azteco is providing so much more than just access to a secure financial system; it is building an ecosystem of financial self-determination that is secure and supported by local communities. I am honored to support them.

— Jack Dorsey, Block


What are Azteco bitcoin vouchers?

Azteco vouchers are the easy way for everyone to get bitcoin. They work just like digital gift cards or mobile phone top-up vouchers. You can get one for as little as $10 and it takes less than a minute to redeem a voucher to your bitcoin wallet.

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How do I get an Azteco bitcoin voucher?

You can get an Azteco voucher online or from a local store. You spend as little as $10 or as much as $1,000. You can also choose between lightning vouchers and on-chain vouchers.

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How do I redeem an Azteco bitcoin voucher?

You can redeem your Azteco voucher in less than a minute by scanning the QR code on the voucher or by entering the 16-digit voucher code at You don’t need to create an Azteco account and you can use your existing bitcoin wallet app.

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Why should I use Azteco vouchers to get bitcoin?

Azteco vouchers are designed for everyday spending, saving, and sending. You can get them for as little as $10 and you don’t need to create an Azteco account. You can also use any bitcoin wallet app to manage your bitcoin.

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