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Azteco is the easiest way to buy Bitcoins

The problems with getting Bitcoins are summed up neatly by this post from the original Bitcoin Forum:
"There are many annoyances with Bitcoin, including the following: Bitcoins are very difficult to obtain on the Internet. It is near impossible for an average user to generate bitcoins with his or her computer. Technical skill is required to obtain bitcoins via an online exchange. Sending cash in the mail for bitcoins could take days, weeks, or not at all and is unreliable. What is the solution to these many problems?"
The solution is Azteco.

With Azteco, buying Bitcoins is easy. Go to your local convenience store and buy an Azteco Voucher with cash or a credit card. The store issues you an Azteco Voucher just like the ones you use to top up your mobile phone. Enter your Azteco Voucher number and your Bitcoin address at the Azteco website, and the Bitcoins arrive in your account instantly. It's that easy.