Join The A-Team

Fast track setup

Click here to apply if you are interested in becoming an Azteco Vendor. We are looking for bricks and mortar outlets and businesses only. If you have a shop that runs a PC or Mac based POS system you can start selling Azteco Vouchers without introducing any new equipment.

What is an Azteco Vendor?

Azteco Vendors sell Bitcoins to the public through our simple Voucher system. Becoming an Azteco Vendor is easy. You need only two things to start:

  1. A computer connected to the Internet
  2. A printer
Once you have paid your Azteco Bond you can start selling straight away. It's that simple.

How much can I earn?

Azteco Vendors earn 50% of the commission from every voucher they sell. A vendor can sell any amount up to the level of their bond, which is a 100% refundable security deposit held in a segregated account by our London Surety Bond firm.