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Buy an aCoin voucher. Redeem it for bitcoin with Azteco.


an aCoin voucher

You can buy an aCoin voucher online and pay for it using Ozow, SCode, an ATM, or a bank transfer.

aCoin vouchers have a 16-digit code which you can use to get bitcoin from Azteco.


your aCoin voucher for bitcoin

You can use Azteco to redeem your aCoin voucher for bitcoin in less than a minute.

There’s no need to create any new accounts and you can use your existing bitcoin wallet app.

bitcoin in every bit of life

You can spend your bitcoin right away, save it for the future, or send it to family and friends anywhere in the world. The choice is yours!



If you’re new to bitcoin and you’ve got questions, check out our Beginner’s guide to using bitcoinGo to /en/blog/articles/the-beginners-guide-to-using-bitcoin page.

It’s an easy 5-minute read with no techno-garble or marketing fluff.