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For every bit of life

Bitcoin doesn’t have to be complicated or scary. And bitcoin isn’t just for wild-eyed investors. It’s also used around the world every day by people doing everyday things, including:

  • spending on their daily expenses

  • saving for their personal future

  • sending to family and friends.

What are Azteco bitcoin vouchers?

Azteco bitcoin vouchers are digital gift cards that can be redeemed for bitcoin. You can activate them on your Runa account todayLink to: https://runa.io/ and sell them for as little as USD 10.

Azteco offers two types of bitcoin voucher so that your customers can choose what works best for them: lightning vouchers and on-chain vouchers.

Both of them work in the same way but use different channels to transfer bitcoin to your customers.

For most customers, Azteco lightning vouchers are the best option as their bitcoin is transferred more quickly and with lower fees. However, some customers will prefer Azteco on-chain vouchers, so it’s easy to give them the choice.

How will my customers redeem their Azteco bitcoin voucher?

Customers will need a bitcoin walletLink to: https://help.azte.co/article/20-suggested-bitcoin-wallets to redeem their Azteco voucher. Bitcoin wallets are smartphone apps used to manage, send, and receive bitcoin. Your customers can choose from a wide range of bitcoin wallet apps.

  • Azteco lightning vouchers are redeemed by scanning the voucher QR code with a bitcoin wallet app.

  • Azteco on-chain vouchers are redeemed by entering the 16-digit voucher code at azte.co

If your customer is new to bitcoin, then the Azteco Help CenterLink to: https://help.azte.co provides a friendly guide to selecting and using bitcoin wallet apps.

Once an Azteco voucher has been redeemed, your customer has complete ownership of their bitcoin. Azteco is not a bitcoin exchange and has no control over your customer’s bitcoin once their voucher has been redeemed.

How do I start selling Azteco bitcoin vouchers?

You don’t need any special permissions or licenses to sell Azteco bitcoin vouchers. They work just like other digital gift cards and you can activate them on your Runa account todayLink to: https://runa.io/.


Who’s behind Azteco?

Azteco was founded in 2019 by Akin Fernandez and Paul Ferguson. In 2023, we raised $6m in a seed investment round led by Jack Dorsey.

Is Azteco safe?

Yes. When someone buys an Azteco voucher, we set aside the bitcoin for that voucher. When they redeem their Azteco voucher, that bitcoin is transferred to their wallet. We never hold funds or secret keys on behalf of customers.

Is Azteco private?

Yes. Customers don’t need to create an account or verify their identity to redeem their Azteco vouchers.

Where is Azteco based?

Azteco is based in Santa Monica, California. We also have remote teams working in Europe and Latin America.