Ana in Brazil uses bitcoin to save for her trip around the world

Ana is a graphic designer living in São Paulo, Brazil. She loves to broaden her horizons by exploring new cultures and places.

“For me, saving in bitcoin isn’t about being part of a trend. It’s a safe and practical way for me to save for my dream: a trip around the world.”

“I use bitcoin to save for my travels”

“I've always been drawn to the idea of seeing new places and experiencing different ways of life, “ said Ana. “The thought of being stuck in one place forever just doesn't sit right with me.”

For many, saving up for such a grand plan might mean putting aside money in a bank. But Ana has found a more fitting way for her lifestyle. By saving in bitcoin, she believes she's making her travel fund not just safer but also more exciting.

“Using bitcoin to save means I don’t have to worry too much about the usual problems with saving money in a bank account,” she explained. “It feels like a smarter choice for me, especially when it comes to planning and adjusting my travel budget.”

“I use Azteco bitcoin vouchers to save a little bit each month”

Every month, without fail, Ana sets aside a part of her earnings for her travel fund. But instead of transferring it to a savings account, she buys an Azteco bitcoin voucherGo to / page.

“It's super easy”, said Ana. “I can buy these Azteco vouchers whenever I have some spare money and use them to add bitcoin to my wallet app.”

This approach allows Ana to gradually build her travel fund without feeling overwhelmed. “Even if it's just a little bit each month, it adds up. And seeing my savings grow in my bitcoin wallet is really motivating.”

“I use a bitcoin wallet app to save and spend my bitcoin”

Managing her bitcoin savings is a breeze for Ana, thanks to a user-friendly bitcoin wallet appGo to /wallets page on her smartphone. “The app shows me how much I’ve saved, and I can check it anytime, anywhere. It’s like having my travel fund in my pocket,” she said excitedly.

But her bitcoin wallet isn't just for watching her savings grow. It's also her tool for spending her bitcoin as she travels. “One of the coolest things about saving in bitcoin is that I can use it directly to pay for things while I'm traveling. I don’t have to worry about exchanging money or those annoying bank fees,” Ana explained.

The convenience of converting her savings into local money right from her phone is a game-changer. “It gives me a lot of freedom. I can go from country to country without the hassle of dealing with different currencies. And I always get a fair exchange rate,” she added.