Gloria in the United States uses bitcoin to support her favorite charities

Gloria lives in the United States and loves to travel. She also continues to support the many local charities that she’s discovered around the world.

“I’ve seen the important work these local charities do. With bitcoin, I can make sure all of my donation counts, not just a part of it.”

“I use bitcoin to support my favorite charities”

Gloria has traveled extensively and loves to support the local charities that she’s visited. Whether it’s a community kitchen feeding the hungry, or a group protecting the environment, she’s all in.

“I wanted to support these charities when I came back home,” explained Gloria. “But sending small donations wasn’t practical as the international bank fees were just so high.”

Then Gloria discovered that she could use bitcoin to send small payments instantly to anyone, anywhere in the world. Better still, there were no expensive bank fees or wire charges.

“Bitcoin payments are instant and there are no expensive bank fees”

Gloria’s switch to bitcoin was a game-changer. “I didn’t want to waste time or money with expensive wire transfers,” she said. Instead, Gloria uses a bitcoin wallet appGo to /wallets page on her smartphone to send bitcoin directly to the charities. It’s quick, like sending a text message. And the best part? No hefty fees attached.

“I’ve seen the important work these local charities do,” said Gloria. “With bitcoin, I can make sure all of my donation counts, not just a part of it. I want to support the charities, not the banks!”

“I use Azteco vouchers to get small amounts of bitcoin”

Gloria doesn’t use a crypto exchange to get her bitcoin. She uses Azteco bitcoin vouchersGo to / page. “They’re so easy to use,” she explained with a smile. “They work just like gift cards or prepaid vouchers but you redeem them for bitcoin.”

Gloria can buy an Azteco bitcoin voucher online for as little as $10. “I redeem the Azteco voucher to my wallet app and then send the bitcoin straight to the charity,” said Gloria.

“It only takes a minute or two, and I can get just the amount of bitcoin that I need for my donation.”