How Tania uses bitcoin for her everyday purchases in Costa Rica

Tania is a former national tennis champion in San José, Costa Rica. She co-founded the Global Network of Policymakers for Freedom and works with international technology firms.

“People in Uvita, Costa Rica have so many reasons to use bitcoin today. It’s already part of the everyday economy, and many businesses welcome bitcoin payments.”

“I use bitcoin for my everyday purchases in Uvita”

Tania started using bitcoin five years ago. “Bitcoin payments are increasingly common in Uvita, Costa Rica,” she explained. “There was no reason not to start using it!”

Tania now uses bitcoin for plane tickets, hotel rooms, restaurants, and more. “In places like Uvita, local farmers often have small stores where they sell their products,” she said. “I love buying food from these local businesses and paying with bitcoin!”

“My hairdresser asked me to help him set up a bitcoin wallet”

Some small businesses in Costa Rica welcome bitcoin payments as a way of attracting new customers. They also like the idea of getting paid for their work without any delays or bank charges.

“Local businesses want to start using bitcoin but they’re not sure how to get started,” explained Tania. “People often ask me how to set up a bitcoin wallet or start receiving bitcoin payments, and I’m always happy to help!”

“Bitcoin is part of the everyday economy in parts of Costa Rica”

People in some parts of Costa Rica are happy to use bitcoin alongside their local currency. The government has a neutral attitude towards bitcoin and some businesses in Uvita are beginning to use it to pay their employees.

“When enough people around you use bitcoin, you don’t have to worry about exchanging it for something else,” explained Tania. “People always find a way to trade.”